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Through quality education, you can achieve your aspirations. Turn to the Adult Learning Center in Spartanburg, SC for assistance in passing the GED® test. We focus on providing basic literacy, preemployment and computer training, and English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) classes.

Become a Student
Steps to Getting Your GED®

Become a Student

GED® Classes at the Adult Learning Center
Improve your language, reading, and math skills, and prepare for the GED® test! We are seeking individuals who want to enhance their lives through personal growth, job enrichment, and career development by attaining their certificate of high school equivalency.

Participants must not be attending a public school. Register and take the pretest today. We will place you in the classes you need to succeed!

In order to register you will need the following:

  • $20.00 registration fee
  • SC ID or SC driver’s license and Social Security card (if possible)
  • If you are 22 years old or younger, your last high school transcript
  • If you are 17 to 18 years old, home-schooled, or 19 years old and have been enrolled in an SC Public School during the current year, bring the “Verification of Withdrawal from South Carolina Schools/GED Testing Office” form. You will need to call the last high school you attended and ask how you can get this information

No appointment is needed to register. You will register and schedule your pretest. Please get enough rest and eat a proper meal before taking the test. This is not a pass or fail test. This test will show you and your instructor the subject(s) you need to review in order to pass the GED® Exam.

You will attend a self-paced class and make your own schedule. Instructional materials are provided for you to use in the classroom. You will complete assignments given by the instructor to meet your specific needs. The more hours you attend, the sooner you will be prepared to take the GED® Exam.

114 Commerce Street,
Spartanburg, SC 29306 (Directions)

Hours: Monday to Thursday: 8:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Tuesday and Thursday: 5:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Frequently Asked Questions About GED®

What does GED® stand for?
GED® stands for General Educational Development. It is a certification received after passing the test offered by the GED Testing Service. This test is designed to gauge the skills and knowledge equivalent to a high school course of study.

When and why did GED® testing begin?
At the military’s request, the GED® test was first developed in 1942 to help returning World War II veterans finish their high school education and reenter civilian life. The GED® test first became available to civilians in 1947, when the state of NY implemented a program to award its high school diploma to those who passed.

What are the benefits of earning a GED® credential?
Among the numerous benefits of the GED® testing program, passing the GED® test gives adults the opportunity to continue their education. According to the College Board, 95% of U.S. colleges accept GED® graduates who fulfill their other qualifications and requirements for admission.

A GED® credential documents that you have high school-level academic skills. According to recent studies, approximately 96% of U.S. employers accept the GED® credential as an equivalent of a traditional high school diploma.

How long will it take me to get my GED®?
It depends… See the section below for our answer to this question.

Where do I take the test?
The ALC will help you register for the test on the website of the GED Testing Service. There are testing centers in the Upstate.

How much does it cost?
It is $20.00 to register for classes at the ALC. Each of the 4 GED® tests costs $37.50; however, the ALC will help to pay for your tests once you meet the ALC’s requirements for preparation.

How many people take the GED® test?
In 2010, more than 757,000 adults worldwide took some parts of the GED® test. Of that total, more than 655,000 completed the test and 474,000 (72%) earned a passing score.

Can I take the GED® test in another language?
Yes and no. You can take the Spanish version of the GED® test in SC. However, state law does not allow a test-taker to receive an SC High School Equivalency Diploma in any language but English. That means the test-takers will receive a transcript showing they passed the tests but not a GED® credential.

“How Long Will It Take to Get My GED®?”

This is a common question, but there is not a simple answer. Many factors can affect the time it takes to prepare for the GED® test:

  • How many hours per day can you devote to studying and/or coming to class?
  • How quickly do you learn?
  • How well do you remember?
  • What is your current aptitude/skill level?
  • How many skills do you have to learn?

Each of our students has a unique life experience and learning ability. Thus, it is difficult to provide a single, accurate answer to how long it will take you to prepare for and pass the GED®.

It is also important to understand the process and requirements that we will guide you through on your path to GED® success. Take a look at the details below, and be sure to ask your teacher or guidance counselor if you have any questions.

Steps to Getting Your GED®

Step 1: ALC Registration
Intake testing and orientation will get you started. The test is called TABE, which stands for Test of Adult Basic Education.

Step 2: Prepare for the GED®
Your TABE results and your day/night class preference will determine your assignment to a particular class. Your teacher will discuss and meet your individual needs. We also offer other learning opportunities with an online program, language arts classes, videos, websites, TV programs, and math tutors.

Step 3: Complete GED® Practice Tests
Every student is offered the opportunity to take GED® practice tests. We will discuss your scores and work with you to determine your readiness to move on to the fourth step.

Step 4: GED® Testing Registration
The SC Department of Education offers the GED® test at several locations on different days each month. Seating at the test sites is limited, and an online registration process is required to reserve your seat at the test. Our staff would help you with the registration process and assist with the testing fee if you met all of the above requirements.

Step 5: Take the GED® Test!
Our staff is here to help you throughout this process; please do not hesitate to ask questions. We know that preparing to take the GED® is not an easy task, but we also know that when our students follow these steps, they are much more likely to pass. If you work hard, you will soon enjoy that same success, and we will be with you to celebrate!

If you have any questions or concerns, contact us today at 864-562-4100.


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